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MS specializes in apartment management, property maintenance, and commercial scale remodeling. We have different packages offered depending on your business. Customizable to your needs, we range from painting services to bathroom/kitchen remodeling. Contact us today to find out what we can offer your company!

Need work done in your own home? We do that too!

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Apartment Management

Our experienced staff can be ready to help you cut your turn-around time! We will be there for when a renter move out and your rentals need new paint or interior work done. Using our services will improve your logistics with ease.

Pressure Washing

Whether commercial or residential, we can services any area to get that deep clean. From decks to siding, pressure washing can restore your surface close to new again!


Thinking of remodeling a bathroom or kitchen in your home? Get a free estimate today! Our team can help you design a great update to your home. We keep you involved throughout the process and bring your design to life!

Property Maintenance

Have an investment property you would like us to flip for you? AMS can take care of the tedious work that often delays rentals from being rented or houses from getting onto the market. Call to inquire about our property remodeling packages!

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